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Requesting Advice on Mass File Translation
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* June 03, 2017, 01:50:32 PM
Hi all,

I have a file structure with many, many nested folders containing about 10 years worth of drawings, mostly in .tcw format.

My end goal is to keep the file structure and somehow end up with all the .tcw files, plus their .dwg translations, in the existing folders.

I have used the turbocad batch translate option, but that only works for one folder at a time, which would take quite a while.

I'm thinking it might be possible to copy all the .tcw's to one folder, somehow keeping track of where they came from, translating everything with the batch translator, and finally copying everything back to the correct folders.

But I'm no programmer and don't know where to start.

Could this be accomplished with an MS-DOS batch file? Does anybody actually know how to use Ruby?  What would be involved in using VBA to do this (I have an employee with some VBA experience).

I would very much appreciate any suggestions, even if its just whether or not you think a certain approach can work.




* June 03, 2017, 03:15:11 PM
Don't think that VBA's any use for that, because you're describing an OS/file manager process external to the application.  I think it might be possible with AutoIT, a Windows/DOS scripting system that was originally designed to automate the installation and configuration of OS and utilities for PC OEMs.  I've only used it once in the past, I was using it in a similar way to TC's macro recorder, with a little success. I used it to start TC, load files, select entities within the file, edit/transform them, save selected objects as another format, open another program that read the files and do something else to them.  I was able to pick up enough to do this with AutoIT within a couple of days of applying myself to the problem, which isn't something that'd be relatable to anyone else, but you're going to have to put some people hours into it, however you do it, I think.  My efforts were in XP/Win 7 times, pre-Win 8, so I can't speak for the current state of play.


* June 04, 2017, 12:06:10 PM
Thanks for the advice.  I downloaded AutoIT and will give it a try,