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Clearing up a Material flaw
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April 14, 2017, 12:23:52 PM
Many thanks to Henry Hubich for this technique that I never saw in the manual and would have never figured out on my own.  This was done with LightWorks materials.  I haven't tried with RedSDK (mostly because I think it wouldn't be necessary).

As can be seen in the first image, my material definition (supposed to be a dark paint) is flawed.  There is, to my understanding, no means of altering the reference point to slide this aberration off of the object.

I remembered a hint that Henry published years ago where you place a smaller object (in the second image, a sphere) inside the first object and apply the same material.  Then rotate the smaller object and 3D Add it to the larger object (making sure to select the smaller object first when adding).

The result rotated the aberrant material definition off of the surface of the larger object and made it much more believable.


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