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Toolmaker's Vise - Video Tutorial Series
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December 18, 2016, 10:05:08 AM
Toolmaker's Vise - 12 part video series demonstrating TurboCAD 2016 Pro with LightWorks Materials and Rendering

Toolmakers Vise Part 1 Base DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 2 Moving Jaw and Bottom Support DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 3 Screw and Handle DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 4 Threads and Screws DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 5 Named View and Ground Plane DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 6 Luminance and Render Scene DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 7 Exploded View and Paper1 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 8 Paper2 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 9 Paper2 Continued DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 10 Paper4 and Paper5 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 11 Paper6 DBC

Toolmakers Vise Part 12 Paper7, 8 and 9
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* December 18, 2016, 11:27:49 AM
very nice work on the video's and object Don.

the screw thread looks like it printed really well.


December 18, 2016, 12:41:57 PM
very nice work on the video's and object Don.

the screw thread looks like it printed really well.

Thanks Andy. I had to print the screw twice. The first time I didn't use 100% fill and it broke when I was handling it in the vise. The second time I did print it with 100% fill and it seems good and strong (for what it is). I did use my tap and die sets to rework the threads after printing since 3D printing with filament does not produce tight enough tolerances. Threading is easy after printing since the threads are already there for the most part.