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Material files backwards compatible
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* March 22, 2019, 02:34:51 PM
1. Are lw material files from 2018 backwards compatible with v21?

2. Whats the differences between a material files saved as a *.mat file and propin.mat ( dat file, not at my pc atm so I cant remember the file extension )

Fwiw I did a save materials from 2018 of all materials to a file and then tried to load the same materials into v21 and only got some of the materials but not all. As an example Ive got 50 or so matte materials and only 8 eight loaded in v21, yet they're all based on the same settings but different colours.

TCW V21, 2016-2018 PP, Animation Lab V5, TurboPDF V2-V3 & LightWorks Rendering Engine mostly.

* March 22, 2019, 03:00:46 PM
Every time I install a new version I replace the default propin.dat file with a copy of the one from the previous version. As a result, some of my materials are holdovers from Version 12 and they work just fine in v2018 and in v2019 beta. A few materials. however, usually do NOT work properly when loaded into a version later than the one in which they were created. Most of the failures are those using "Decal" Reflectance.

Henry H