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Insert items into a drawing using VBA
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* May 08, 2016, 06:57:25 PM
I have successfully used a VBA script running from Microsoft Excel to insert a text item into a TurboCAD drawing.  However, instead of assigning all the properties (i.e. font) to the item in VBA, I want to use the current TurboCAD settings for text.  The only things I want to provide are the location and the actual text.

I also would like to change the text anchor point (i.e. top left)

Finally, I would like to change the TurboCAD settings so that if I manually add something to the drawing in TurboCAD, it matches the settings I am using in VBA.

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* May 27, 2016, 02:41:45 AM
I use the clipboard to bring text into TC with the current settings.
   Dim oData As New DataObject
   On Error Resume Next
   HoleTextVonZwischenablage = oData.GetText

Set Gr = Grs.AddText(HoleTextVonZwischenablage, X, Y, 0, 10 / 12)
To choose the place where to insert the text
Set App = IMSIGX.Application
Set Dr = App.ActiveDrawing
Set Grs = Dr.Graphics
Set V = Dr.Views(0)
Set Sel = Dr.Selection
V.GetMouseClick X, Y
V.ViewToWorld X, Y, 0, x1, y1, 0
ActiveDrawing.Styles("Normal Lines").Activate
Set Gr = Grs.AddText(HoleTextVonZwischenablage, X, Y, 0)
Gr.MoveAbsolute x1, y1, 0
change anchor point
Selected Text
For Each gxChild in Selection
   gxURec.AddGraphicForModify gxChild
   gxChild.Properties("TextFormat") = 514  ‘from topLeft to Middle

Standard Attribute for Text
Set gxStyle = ActiveDrawing.Styles("Normal Text")
gxStyle.Properties("TextFormat") = 514 ‘from topLeft to Middle

The macrorecorder is not really compatible with vba , but for me it is helpfull. It give an idea where and how to search.