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FM16 Reports not formatted correctly for US Letter
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* October 25, 2015, 03:36:06 PM
FM16 Reports not formatted correctly for US Letter

Here is a screen shot for the printing of one report -- which one does not matter -- they are all similar.

Note that reports are sized in metric. I cannot buy A4 paper -- for example so I cannot get reports that are scaled correctly.

Labels do not print correctly since the report must be re-scaled. I cannot buy labels in ISO format (Metric).

Also you cannot do "take-offs" i.e. use calipers and a scale to estimate additional measurements from a drawing. All items must therefore be dimensioned.

SW:TC 21 Pro Platinum, FM15, 20 Pro Platinum 64 Bit, also V 19.1 64Bit & 32 bit 17.2 and 18.1; Furniture Maker 14 and 10. HW: Vista 64 Ultimate, AMD 1090 (6 core) 8GB memory Plus also an AMD  8 core systemFX

* October 26, 2015, 09:54:47 AM
Thank you for your information. I will contact our development and let you know.