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"Cannot write materials file" error dialog
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* October 13, 2016, 10:08:54 PM
I am looking for help with error dialog appearing when using TurboCad SDK.
 Product: TurboCAD Professional 19.1 32-bit
 Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
 Problem descripition:
 I try to develop .NET/C# application communicating with TurboCAD engine.
 I use your library IMSIGXMGD.dll.
 When I open Application object in local server mode (parameterless constructor), everything works fine.
 When I open it in in-proc server mode (constructor with single parameter - value true), which is much faster, there is a problem.
 When I open a drawing afterwards, I can see a dialog with title "Modeler error" and text "Cannot write materials file". This dialog appears 4 times and after confirming it 4 times everything works fine. However this dialog is undesirable.
 It happens for some drawings, not for every.
 When I open second or third drawing, the dialog no longer appears.
 Could you, please, give me some hint how to solve the problem?
 Thank you very much