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Regen and System Registry
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* July 21, 2015, 12:43:15 PM
I am playing with the DotNetTCRegen sample in the sdk (TurboCAD 18 32bit and visual studio 2013).  I can get the project to compile and can insert a round rectangle into a drawing. 

However when I try to copy and paste (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) the round rectangle I get the following error: "Failed to create object. Make sure the object is entered in the system registry."

I can get the VBNETRoundRect/VBNETRoundRectBridge combination to compile as well and don't run into any issues with copy and paste.  Checking in the windows registry it looks like when vbnetroundrect made a bunch of registry entries when it compiled but DotNetTCRegen Didn't.

Ultimately I am asking does anyone know if the "Failed to create object ..." error is actually related to the system registry?  And how I would be able to get the DotNetTCRegen example to copy and paste correctly?