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"Works like AutoCAD LT" ?????
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* March 11, 2015, 07:28:30 AM
I've been an AutoCAD user for 30+ years dating back to DOS6.22 days. I purchased a WIN7-64 machine and my ol' faithful AutoCAD programs no longer sing, dance and do dishes.  I purchased TurboCAD LTE 6.0 based on the promotional phrase, "Works like AutoCAD LT". But as installed, the only similarities between what presents on my screen and AutoCAD of any flavor is that they are both very capable CAD programs but with little similarity in operator input from the mouse and keyboard.

I'm a writer/illustrator with only 2d needs.   My 1985 AutoCAD program would do everything I need but as each 'upgrade' came along, the list of commands grew . . . but with few changes in the fundamentals.  I need to hit the ground running on an update to a publication and I simply don't have time to get proficient with a new user interface. Any sage suggestions for options?  I can get AutoCAD 2012 which will run in the 64 bit environment for about $500. It doesn't take too many hours of thrashing through another learning curve to blow $500. Was my understanding of the "Works like AutoCAD LT" assertion in error?


* April 13, 2015, 08:14:13 PM
I, too, question the assertion "Works like AutoCAD LT". I would be happy to find educational literature on using TurboCAD LTE Pro---I purchased a program "Mastering TurboCAD LTE and LTE Pro" by Kevin Doucette for about $50. I have no idea what the problem is----explanation not thorough, most likely---but, in far too many instances, the tutorials are not compatible with my Windows 8.1 computer. Very frustrating.


* April 14, 2015, 12:13:03 AM
Autocad 14 (1998?) was totally different to autocad 2000 and that was before they added the ribbon. I doubt that the learning curve from an autocad version created in 1985 to a modern version of autocad would be any less steep then the learning curve you are faced with now.

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