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2015 clean install
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* April 14, 2015, 12:20:51 PM
   Last night I noticed three changes. The 'Property Bar' had shrunk to about 1/2 its normal length, the 'Workplane by Face' was now under the 'Snaps" pulldown and the 'Show/Hide Workplane' icon was no longer in the workplane pulldown, but was still on the local menu in the normal place. I tried deleting and reinstalling with the taskbar/menu manager under 'Options' but it didn't work. I tried a repair and an uninstall/reinstall of the software. No joy. Finding the 'Built-in' folder was an exercise in frustration.
   Everything was working otherwise, so I saved my drawings to an external device and uninstalled the software again. Then I went to the "C" drive and searched for TurboCad 2015. Many files were found and listed, including more than one copy of the 'Built-in' file. I deleted all of the TC2015 files except for the downloads which contained the original software. All of the files were now gone, I thought. I did another search of the "C" drive and more TC2015 files showed up. I deleted those and did another search. Nothing listed the third time around.
   I rebooted the computer and reinstalled TC2015 and the LW Plugin from the backup disk. I then reinstalled the drawings and checked everything out. All of the menus now look right and things are where they should be. Has anyone else had similar menu issues? I can not identify when or why the menus changed.



April 14, 2015, 03:13:23 PM
You might try re-loading your Workspace, too.

Bring up the Customize popup (mine's under Tools; with the problems you describe, yours may be in differently located).

Click "Load From:" to bring up the Workspace TurboCAD thinks you want to use and then click "Close".  See if that helps.

Keep in mind that you can modify the menu structure and save your preferred organization under a custom name.


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* April 15, 2015, 03:13:36 PM
Hi Jeff,

   I will add that to my troubleshooting collection for next time. For now, everything is working. Thanks again.