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Running a VBS macro automatically
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* October 30, 2014, 05:08:04 AM
Hi Guys

I've done a few VB scripts using the Tcw17 Macro Recorder.
I would like to know if and how to execute a macro recording directly from a Delphi application.

For Example.
I've got a square
W: 100 x H: 100

In Delphi I have a Button that says "Draw Square"

This button must then
Spawn TurboCad
Open a New Blank Drawing
Open DrawSquare.tcr
Run DrawSquare.tcr

I've searched around a bit and found IMSIGX_TLB.Macro
But I have no Idea what parameters to pass or if it will even do what I want it to do.

Any Advice?

Dewald Vermaak
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