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Dimension Properties Changed
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* February 19, 2013, 08:32:30 AM
I went into my drawing today and by happenstance clicked on a dimension to check the text size. What I found was  that the size of everything I had earlier laid in as. 3" was now showing a size of  3-21/64   :o

Anybody else seen this??

From an earlier post
I thought this series of posts would help with an annoying problem that I encounter from time to time. Coincidently, it happened today.
I have an existing drawing where I have set up the dimension properties to something suitable - eg. the arrowhead  size is 4mm. I've been working on the drawing over a period of time (reboots in between), and until today, the dimension properties  remained as set for all new dimensions.
Today, all the dimension properties (for new dimensions) had reverted to some other settings; eg. the arrowhead size was 0.25mm. 
What I would like to do is; select an existing dimension which has all the required properties and "paste" them into the new dimension properties.
I thought (hoped) the format painter would do this, but I couldn't figure out how.
Is this a non-starter?
PS. I have no idea why or how the properties got altered.

Maybe this is the same thing he is talking about.

Any Ideas??

Edit and Answer ... OK, the precision setting in Drawing Setup|Space Units also governs the inspector bar display when dragging to size a text item. So then, even though TurboCAD gives you the option button to drag a text size, I recommend to DO NOT use "Drag" to size a text object either. See earlier Thread


 indicating to only "trust" the inspector bar and measurement Info to the extent of the precision set in the space units. ie with a precision set to "0" you can drag a text size to anywhere between >.5 and <1 and and it will "say" the size is 1".  Don't be fooled, the size is wherever you have put that mouse pointer in real space. If you want to more better see the true size of that dragged text object, or any other object) boost your precision settings and then reselect the object adn note how the size has "changed".

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