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Component wall's
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* October 17, 2012, 02:50:13 PM
Starting to talk about this in another tread before i figure out that this was not the mention with the actual tread, so just post the example her

I normaly only use component wall, becouse it's so easy to make different levels by the top and bottom elevations and i can make every component lookin like i want them ( basicly)

For the moment i dont care to much about rendering, if i need it i " outsorce" it :)
Put in a small example on a house i draw, sending it away to people ho do this more often, go to the plot and take a photo and put the house on top of this,
i belive they redraw it and take it in to photoshop or somthing like this, but the effect is nice for showing the house on the actual plot.


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