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Problems / Re: compound profile issue in Pro 2017
« Last post by Henry Hubich on Today at 08:49:27 AM »
I am consistently hampered by one issue or another in my installation : it is HP laptop Spectre, 64bit version
I do not know if this has to do with machine, at least tech support did not think so.
Now that I have resolved the issue of profile error( not closed) by redrawing it, I did a simple extrusion of the profile. When I want to assemble it in 3D, I get an error: " see attached screen shot
so, then it is a matter of not having "compound profile " tool.
How do I get that patched in my installation? Or is there a need to reinstall with some way of ensuring all tools get in or is it possible that I just have not been able to find it? I do see "update compound profile" tool on the right tool palette- & it does nothing.
All my work stops here.
After this is resolved, I have to assemble as a stack 11 of such objects one on top another. A long way to go!
Any help will be highly appreciated.

Just select the 3D objects you wish to assemble and Explode them. This breaks the association between the objects and their profiles, and the Assemble tools will then work properly.

"Use compound profile" is one of the icons on the Inspector Bar; it should appear when you activate Simple Extrude or any of the 3D tools that operate on Profiles.

Henry H
Problems / file attachment to self?
« Last post by Rg_llbx on Today at 08:43:10 AM »
So the attachment is not accessible to all?
How else do I attach a file other than the "choose file" area IO have to do so?
Gallery / Wick Trimmer
« Last post by Carroll P on Today at 08:40:22 AM »
Here is the wick trimmer we have at home. My wife told me it is from her Grandmother generation she thinks. She remembers her mother using it when she was a child. So it has been around for awhile. I also looked on Google and there is a lot of different wick trimmers out there. Plain like this one to some very elaborate ones. I hope you all enjoy. Carroll
Problems / Re: Clipping an Image
« Last post by Henry Hubich on Today at 08:37:14 AM »
In the Customize>Commands page of my 2017 installation, it's called "Raster Image\Clip Raster Image."

Henry H
Problems / Re: Clipping an Image
« Last post by Torfinn on Today at 08:30:54 AM »
I also have the Clip Raster in there+ UV mapping tool, i doubt that i have put it there from Customize/ Command, and i find it there aswell.
And also in the dropdown Modify menu.
In a new from scratch drawing, cfg = Default, metric system

Animation Lab / Inserted Camera
« Last post by Tim Stewart on Today at 07:36:20 AM »
This is an illustration, of using a Camera Object, from within TurboCAD, which is then inserted as an Actor, into the AnimationLab plug-in.

View the animation here:


Regards Tim
Problems / Re: Clipping an Image
« Last post by wrkempson on Today at 07:34:26 AM »
In my copy of TC 2017 Pro Plat I found the tool at Modify>Clip>Clip Raster Image.  Is this what you want? 

Just offhand, could you send an image of what you get when you go to Help>About TurboCad?  That would let us know the exact version and build you are using.

Problems / Re: Clipping an Image
« Last post by [email protected] on Today at 06:41:28 AM »
Torfinn just tried your idea, have only got access to the attched image
Problems / Re: Clipping an Image
« Last post by Torfinn on Today at 06:25:56 AM »
Check " image " in the Customize/ Toolbars >> Image

Murray, my fault I probably did not explain myself clearly. What I should have said if I used a third part  ( net based conversion ) application and loaded my drawings for conversion what chance that those files would/could end up stored somewhere open for others to see all aspects of design and dimensions unbeknown to me if I had ignored or not looked into the fine print or terms of use!
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