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Tips and Tricks / Re: Pop-Up Screens View Size
« Last post by John B. on Today at 09:32:09 AM »

At my main desk I have a Samsung UN32J5205AF (my best) and it has EPG to find TV programs and I can program ahead of time and it has PIP, Wireless Network and Smart Hub.  In my other room I have a Samsung UN32J4000AF that will give Info for the current program only.  Both have TV cards in the computer so I can use the computer and watch TV at the same time.  In the kitchen I have a Samsung that is Smart, Wireless, and can program from Info but doesn't have the full EPG.  I had used 20" monitors but decided to upgrade to 32" TVs that I found on Craigslist.  Search also on Facebook Marketplace.  I think Samsungs are the best followed by LG but its a matter of finding the right one for you.

Good luck,

John B.
Tips and Tricks / Re: Pop-Up Screens View Size
« Last post by Paul Strand on Today at 09:09:03 AM »
That is interesting, I was wondering what brand and model TV's you are using and which one you liked better, I have tried two TV'S from TCL a 32" (M# 32S305) and 40" (M# 40S325) I thought the screens both look decent and the rendered models looked good but they seem to bother my eyes? I don't know if it was the refresh rate, brightness or what it was, anyhow I have been looking for something better.
Paul S.
Gallery / Re: Triple Expansion Engine
« Last post by Up on Today at 07:19:05 AM »
Steam engine. Wow that is so interesting.
Gallery / Re: Studio Apartment
« Last post by Up on Today at 07:17:24 AM »
Beautiful images.
Love those end wood grain blocks fixed to the wall above the couch.
And the file size for such a large & detailed image is small.
Gallery / Re: Studio Apartment
« Last post by Mike1158 on Today at 04:52:32 AM »
Very nice render, I particularly like the wood block wall section.  Brilliant.
Problems / Re: Missing Thread3d tool in TC2018
« Last post by adrianh78 on Today at 04:50:33 AM »
The latest built is 49
You will find full english downloads here;
in the Forums File section..

Download and un install your old TC, install the new one and delete the Built-in if there are some issues when open TC again, as there can be issues "hang" inside the built-in.
That will take away all your personal settings in TC so you will need to reset them if you delete the Built-in.

When you say delete the 'built in' do you mean everything under \Documents\TurboCAD 2018 x64\?
Thanks again

Sorry, I think I have found my answer in this thread:-
Gallery / Re: It's been a while - Long and narrow kitchen..
« Last post by Mike1158 on Today at 04:50:00 AM »
A very special standard of render, brilliant.
Problems / Re: TurboCad 2018 upgrade problems
« Last post by Torfinn on Today at 02:43:38 AM »
Expert is sort of a pimped Deluxe IMO.
In 2015 they changed from have both LW and RedSDK included in the program to only have RedSDK and LW become a plugin.
It seems like that was not an good ide'a so in 2018 they did a turnaround on it, now LW was back as default and RedSDK is a plugin, who say it should be easy :)

So if you want LW in 2017, it will be as a plugin, in your 2018 it is default.
It is possible to convert materials from RedSDK to LW materials in 2018, at least in PP edition.


About Block's, do you have the latest built of TC ??, i remember your issue about Block and opening was not on the same place, but was fixed long time ago in PP, i dont have 2018 Expert on my pc now to check.
If you have latest built and still have issues with blocks you could try to delete or rename the Built in, TC will remake a new when start TC again, there could be some settings hang around there, TC wil then start with factorysettings next time and you need to set it up again to your like.

If you try to "re install" TC, un-install and delete all the TC folders in Document and Appdata about your TC version, but be aware, there are normally stuff you want to keep there like drawings, symbols etc etc ;), so take that and move to a seperate place first, outside of TC folders.

Then close your pc, wait 10-15 sec and restart pc ( coldstart ) and you will have a "clean install" of TC when you re-install and start it up again.
Un/ re-install is basically waste of time if you have problems that will not be solved with a normal Repair or delete/ rename Built in and deleting the 2 folders
You should do very much wrong to be able to touch the main program itself, but you can "infect" it true this other 2 folders and by that get problems with your TC.

Problems / Re: TurboCad 2018 upgrade problems
« Last post by REM on Today at 02:07:04 AM »
Out of curiosity, and since I still haven't solved the mystery of the malfunctioning walls in TC2018, I see I can purchase Lightworks for a 2017 version of the program....

...but it states on webpage....

"TurboCAD 2017 (Deluxe, Pro, and Pro Platinum versions) include a powerful rendering engine for quick and easy presentations of your design. For customers looking for more rendering options, the LightWorks Plug-in for TurboCAD 2017 enhances the program’s photorealistic rendering capabilities with more robust, high power rendering."

I assume this would include 2017 Expert?

Problems / Re: TurboCad 2018 upgrade problems
« Last post by REM on Today at 02:02:29 AM »
Well, lots of views but no solutions!

However, this thread....


.....did solve my splash screen problem :)
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