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Thank you for these replies Huma and Torfinn, and thanks also for testing the file. Clearly something is wrong at my end.
Yes, I was in GDI, not RedSDK. That has improved things but not fixed. Now I can switch between wireframe and draft rendering without problem but no Quality or Advanced. Suppress Hidden Lines causes freeze but will allow switching back to wireframe.
It will take me a while to work through the processes you suggest, Torfinn. I'm very inexperienced in this. I'll report when done. No .dwl files though.
Many thanks again.
Alan Andrews
Problems / Duesenburg
« Last post by neville redding on Today at 12:40:08 AM »
Henry This is the car at moment no lighting yet.NJR
Problems / marks on render
« Last post by neville redding on Today at 12:26:35 AM »
Thank you Henry, I think I have found why it is happening. I have  been using the rectangle to do my profiles. Using insert arc.To do the curves  for the mudguards.I have done a test as you see there is no marks with the rectangle lofted but when I use insert arc  the marks appear.I have done a test again both together. My file is 19.9 megabits. Thanking you I will be pleased to get your reply. NJR
Problems / Re: Rendering (Draft, Quality & Advanced) causes lockup.
« Last post by Torfinn on Today at 12:10:25 AM »
I tested your file and have no problem in LigthWork or RedSDK renders or anything at all, so the problem is at your end someplace i believe, but i dont have Pro, so used Pro Platinum.

When TC is closed, go to the folder where you save the drawing and see if there is .dwl files in there, if there is, delete them as they can make a lot of "fun", they are protectionfiles, but can be left over if you crash TC.
They will be named like "somename.tcw.dwl"

Repair; Run the installfile for TC again, and at some point you will get the choice of Un install/ Change or Repair, select Repair.
If that not help, then it's time for the Built-in.

The normal place for it is ;
C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Roaming\IMSIDesign\TurboCAD\20\Professional\Data\Profiles\Built-In
You can just rename the folder or delete it

Appdata is normally a Hidden folder, but by typing      %appdata%   in the Windows/ Run field it will bring you directly to he Roaming, and then you click from there.

When you do this you take away all your special setting's and TC will open like by Default and you will need to reload your cfg if you have made one ( if so, remember to save it first ) and set up your Templates, run the wisiard if needed and so on

Problems / Re: Rendering (Draft, Quality & Advanced) causes lockup.
« Last post by Huma IMSI on May 22, 2018, 11:50:35 PM »
Hi Alan

I've checked your file and still i was unable to reproduce the problem you are facing,simply go to "Options"-->"Native Draw" to check either your "Redsdk" is enabled or not.May be issue is occurring because you are working in "GDI" mode.
General Discussion / Re: Explode selection locks my screen
« Last post by nikkipollard on May 22, 2018, 10:20:03 PM »
I use 10 times the planned scale for world or device width
Problems / Re: Rendering (Draft, Quality & Advanced) causes lockup.
« Last post by alan.andrews on May 22, 2018, 07:16:02 PM »
Thanks for the video Huma. I used to be able to do all that. This problem is recent. I can refine the symptoms slightly: whichever rendering style I select I only get Draft Rendering, not Quality or Advanced. All tools become unresponsive, but scrolling etc and standard views respond. When I select Wireframe or Suppress Hidden Lines, nothing happens and nothing responds, not even scrolling or standard views. I have to close and reopen to get back to Wireframe. Not just 1 drawing - it seems to be all of them.

Thanks for your reply Torfinn. Here's an example drawing, and all the info I can find is below.
"Repair or Rename/ delete the Built-in folder" - I've seen this mentioned in other threads but I've no idea how to do it. Could you talk me through? And will it cause any loss or damage to files?

Many thanks.

Alan Andrews

TurboCad 20.2 Pro (not platinum)
RedSDK enabled? (not sure. How do I check?)
Windows 10 Home Premium 64 bit
Problems / Re: marks on model
« Last post by Henry Hubich on May 22, 2018, 06:42:34 PM »
I meant to ask you several days ago, Neville: Can you post the .tcw?

Henry H
Problems / Re: marks on model
« Last post by neville redding on May 22, 2018, 05:47:11 PM »
HI all. re marks on model. Do you think if I did a repair that this would fix my problem. Thanking you .NJR

General Discussion / Test, just a test
« Last post by Bruskreartix on May 22, 2018, 04:43:29 PM »
Hello. And Bye.
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