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Problems / Re: Facet offset - dellta x,y,z
« Last post by exdraftee on Today at 07:40:15 PM »
Thanks fellas
Problems / Re: Facet offset - dellta x,y,z
« Last post by Andy H on Today at 06:56:20 PM »
You could try going into facet edit properties and set it to Extents = Entity, and Coordinates = Extents,   then when you click the hole, the position field should show 0,0,0, (it does for me anyway),  where you can type in a plus or minus figure to go whatever distance is required. this is independent of whatever you have the normal selector set to.
Problems / Dimensions
« Last post by Wannabe on Today at 06:19:55 PM »
Hi, I feel I'm doing quite well. My next of many question is.. and don't laugh I know it silly. But dimensions get measured from the center of a wall right?
Problems / Re: Facet offset - dellta x,y,z
« Last post by John R on Today at 05:20:40 PM »
Try the Coordinate fields.

Select the subtracted Hole, then use the "@" sign along with a plus or minus value in the X And Y fields.
I believe you need to use the Right Mouse Button instead of the Wheel.

Shift+RMB = rotate the view.
Ctrl+RMB = Examine/orbit the view.
Ctrl+Shift+RMB = Pan the view.

I'm not sure what is used for Dynamic Zoom. I believe the button behind the wheel would work, but not seeing that in Windows 10. It just wants to open Search.
Problems / Facet offset - dellta x,y,z
« Last post by exdraftee on Today at 04:59:27 PM »

Do this all the time, want to grab a hole in a steel plate and move it sideways, is there a delta x,y setting. If you see pic attached. Looks like only ways is minus the distance from the absolute co-ordinates (PITA).

General Discussion / Re: Advice/direction please
« Last post by Jason B on Today at 02:22:45 PM »
you can find previous versions of TCAD here:
Problems / Re: version control
« Last post by Henry Hubich on Today at 02:18:41 PM »
I'd keep each version in its own separate file.

Henry H
General Discussion / Re: Advice/direction please
« Last post by Wannabe on Today at 01:42:37 PM »
You've been even well my friend. I believe I'm going to download the 17 version see if I like it then probably purchase it to get the full benefit. Wish me luck, I hope this isn't a waste of my money and is capable of doing what I'd like haha.
Thanks, Michael.
General Discussion / Re: Advice/direction please
« Last post by Torfinn on Today at 01:03:42 PM »
I dont think IMSI sell 2016 anymore, but you may have luck on the net, guess there are resellers that have some leftovers of 2016.
But it may also just be a broken link, maybe send a mail to IMSI and ask if it's possible is a way to go ??
Anyway DL 2017 have got some New Tools that can be handy and worth the price difference if you ask me.
We have 1 DL 2016 left, but only for sale in Norway and at the same price as the New 2017 + 25% tax ;)

So too your pic, yes it is possible, but you will need to do it in Paper Space i believe, this is one thing that i miss the most in TC, the possebility to do that in a clean B/W hidden line render directly from M Space to P Space.
You will need to make a view of the front i. e. insert that in to P Space, in wireframe and explode it, then clean out all the stuff you dont want to see, and Hatch/ Draw lines with the design you want, maybe more easy to just draw over it so that is show what you want and then Hatch/ Draw in M or P Space.
Also Hatch/ Draw directly on the walls in M Space, explode the hact and give the "Hatch" a thickness and it will show in hidden line in P pace.
But again, it is a lot of work to make a B/W print like the pic you show, IMO

On a elevation directly on the side of a building it is not so big problem, the "fun" start's if you want to do it in perspective :)
And it is pretty time comsuming, TC is best for using pictures to make the texture/ color etc.
So the big question is if you got paid for all the work, and it is the same issue in Platinum also.


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