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I picked up a copy of this off amazon after seeing the post. Not because I need it or I am struggling with turbocad. I actually think I have become somewhat proficient with the software now. But when I first started using turbocad, I had never used a cad package before, and had zero experience with cad. I actually gave up on turbocad twice, and only gave it a third shot after I found out about Dons website textual creations. If it wasnt for him and his tutorials, id be using a different cad package today. All that being said, I wish I had this book when I first started turbocad. It is actually a decent little read.

Now if you have had experience with other cad packages before using turbocad, you probably would not have any trouble at all learning it. But for anyone like me who had never used a cad package before...well learning turbocad isnt so easy. Its like a big black hole. There is a reason (other than being free) that fusion 360 and sketchup took off like wild fire. Thats becuase they understood that the software they made was only as good as its user. You can tell large amounts of time, resources and money went into training and learning materials with these packages.

Dont get me wrong, I love turbocad, and love using it...but it wasnt always like that. Is this book worth $50? I dont know, I suppose thats relative. But when IMSI charges $75 for a 1hr training session, $50 doesnt look so bad. I will say this is a nice and really the only book on turbocad, and if you are new to cad and need to learn tcad, Dons tutorials should be considered a must. He has some free ones on youtube and all are highly recommended. I think Ive done 5 of his tutorials now, and will probably buy at least one a year from him just to keep me on my feet as I am not an everyday cad user.
General Discussion / Re: Slow pan screen
« Last post by Frederick Lm on Today at 07:01:47 PM »
The drawing is send by my vendor, it cannot be share. The file is not very big, only 314K, other AC clone can pan very smoothly.

I checked the "Flicker free draw", it makes the screen pan even slower.
General Discussion / Re: Dynamic UCS available?
« Last post by Frederick Lm on Today at 06:59:34 PM »
I am having trouble like this. I want the line snap to another triangle bottom mid-point, but I don't know how to do that in TC. I am not sure that is related to dynamic ucs or not, but I can do that in bricxx easily.
Gallery / Re: Theodolite
« Last post by Henry Hubich on Today at 06:11:22 PM »
Great work. Looking at all those dials, they must've been the 'fun part' of the project. Are the text and hash marks actual objects or wrapped images?

Thanx, John. A few of the marks are actual objects subtracted from the substrate and a different material applied to the resulting new facets. The text and the lines on the dials are wrapped images.

Henry H
Problems / frame buffer object architecture
« Last post by kmeyer5063 on Today at 06:10:21 PM »
My new computer is working fine in Turbocad Professional Platinum 2017 with existing 3D files, but with 2D I get a preview that is correct, but the actual display just is a black blank page.  When I first open TC with new file, I get the message attached.

A new  2D drawing seems to work fine so far.

I have a Windows 10 Professional system with 16 Gb RAM, but my graphics hardware is standard Intel and I am expecting a REDsdk grapics card any time now.  Will this solve the problem?
Problems / Re: TC2018 and HP DesignJet T930
« Last post by Jeffin90620 on Today at 05:31:25 PM »
I don't have a correction, but I do have a workaround.

Download and install the free CutePDF printer driver.  Print from TurboCAD to it, then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to send the PDF to the printer.

You may have to experiment with the margins (the PDF printer driver doesn't need any, but the T930 printer probably does).

I also got that Jeff, but open the index and selected first or something of the different parts let me watch it.
I believe they run true it and let it be in the end when they made it, so Google or whatever believe you already have seen all the pages :)

This is where I went to find the TCW file in the "File Upload" dialog. Look for "TurboCAD Deluxe 19", then "Drawings" (or possibly "Documents \ Drawings").

I think the Captcha may kick in if too much time is spent composing a reply. I get hit if I take more than 15-20 minutes to post and then have to fight with it to get all the attachments attached.
Gallery / Re: Theodolite
« Last post by John R on Today at 03:09:14 PM »
Great work. Looking at all those dials, they must've been the 'fun part' of the project. Are the text and hash marks actual objects or wrapped images?
Second attempt at replying... That blasted Captcha thing seems to stopped my first reply.

Anyway, thank you John - this should have had the drawing attached but for some reason the Browse facility here cannot trace the TC drawings. In fact even TC itself is not listed on the computer's file system except by using Search. That gives the directory tree to the drawings, but they don't appear in the normal lists so can't be found independently, and opened only via TurboCAD.

I had better not touch that "Open GL" option. I have no idea what it means, and if I can't even make a simple drawing I should not even try to touch rendering let alone footle with TC system settings like that one.

I am fast approaching abandoning 3D as too hard, to stick to single-layer, 2D orthographic drawings on CAD, with manual drawing for isometric views.

Nigel, it's perfectly safe to turn "OpenGL Hardware Acceleration" on or off.

Henry H
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