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General Discussion / Re: Pick Point hatch
« Last post by Alvin Gregorio on Today at 03:30:15 PM »
I'm using 2016 Deluxe and whenever I use pick point hatch is seems to take ages for the hatch to draw - even on the simplest rectangle shape.
Any ideas how I could speed this up, or whats causing the slow speed?
Many thanks,

I don't know whether or not your version still has the old Pick Point [and?] Hatch tool/command.  That's been kind of junky for a few years, but has still been included along with the Pick Point Hatching tool/command.

I would suggest making sure that you are using the Pick Point Hatching  tool/command.  (others, that have version 2016, will have to verify which-- if not both-- of these tools/commands are in 2016.
General Discussion / Re: Select issue
« Last post by John Earl on Today at 02:28:36 PM »
The "show object while dragging" option works for me in 21 Pro Plat. 

The bounding box is visible while dragging in all cases, 2D or 3D, whether "show object while dragging" is on or off.  When "show object while dragging" is turned off, the bounding box side slides with the cursor to show the location.  The selected object is shown only when "show object while dragging" is turned on.

Maybe this is a problem peculiar to Deluxe.

As always, it is most helpful for Posts to include the specific TC product and operating system.

TC 21.2 Pro Plat 64b  Build 71.0 RedSDK
Intel i5 6500 3.2G 8GB Ram Win7 Pro 64b SP1
MSI Z170-A Nvidia GTX960 Asus 27" 2560 x 1440

Problems / Re: Tutorial 1
« Last post by John R on Today at 12:22:27 PM »
All your "circles" are "polylines". At some point they must have been Exploded. This is why the Radius/Diameter dimension tools don't recognize them. You could use the Triple Point Circle tool to draw over the polylines, then delete the polylines. Now they can be dimensioned.
General Discussion / Re: Select issue
« Last post by rlp1949 on Today at 11:59:53 AM »
Ah-ha!!  Yep, my "show object while dragging" was checked.  I assumed it was correct.  So I unchecked it and it now works properly.

Thank you!!
Problems / Re: Auto-CAD Flipped Text Problem
« Last post by John R on Today at 11:53:51 AM »
Another option that may work is to open a "New from Scratch" file, then use "File / Extract From". Browse for the DWG file and checkmark all the Content options and OK. The DWG text mirrors okay in this file without any changes to a texts Properties. I would save it as a TCW.
Problems / Re: Auto-CAD Flipped Text Problem
« Last post by Dean on Today at 11:49:24 AM »

I'm new to Turbo CAD but I am a long time Vectorworks user.

My organization is using Turbo CAD for event managers to create room drawings off our venues.  Our goal is to import DWG files we've created in Auto-Cad, lock certain layers, and let the Event Managers drag and drop blocks into place for specific events.

Some of our files have seat numbers associated with them.  In the process of trying to mirror text imported from Auto-CAD, the text flips and is backwards.

After some research, I found the "Non-rotating" option in the text preferences, and while it works on text created in TurboCAD, it does not seem to be applying that property to text that came in with the DWG file.

We are using TurboCAD Designer 2D 2017.

Upon some further research, I found in older manuals, that I should do the following:

From the 2016 TurboCAD manual
Non-rotating, Non-zooming: Text will not change position or be scaled when rotating or zooming. (These will not work if Old- text output is checked in Options / Preference.)

I can not find the Old- text output option in TurboCAD 2017.  Is this a bug?  Do I need to import the DWG text in a different way? 


Thank you in advance for any response I get to this plea.

Bill Rios
Technical Director
Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Hi Bill,
If I mirror text in designer it "doesn't flip backwards"
I tested a acad file in designer and the text didn't flip backwards when mirrored.

I would focus on making corrections in the "Master Dwg" file, since you did create it.
Though I'm a bit confused of your workflow.
Can you post a small section from the dwg file?
Problems / Re: Tutorial 1
« Last post by jawick on Today at 11:35:26 AM »
Not sure what a work plan is. I've attached the file.By the way there was also a Tutorial 1 Drawing.tcw.dwl file created. What is that?
Thanks for your help
Problems / Re: Auto-CAD Flipped Text Problem
« Last post by John R on Today at 11:25:07 AM »
I got the same as you in Designer 2017 witth an old Marvin DWG file.

I started over, selected the DWG text to be Mirror Copied and checked the "Non-rotating" option in Properties. Now the DWG text mirrors with the text oriented properly, but there is still a BIG problem; the text is on another workplane and there is no way to correct that problem in Designer. It also doesn't mirror to the expected location.

I would probably use the "Make Copy" or "Rubber Stamp" options found in the Local Menu when the text is selected. At least I know where there text is being placed.
General Discussion / Re: Select issue
« Last post by Dean on Today at 11:10:25 AM »
I am using Version 21 and cannot solve a selection issue.

Let's say I select a rectangle.  I want to adjust the width of the rectangle.  When I grab one of the sides, I cannot see that side as I move the cursor.  Yes, I've been using work-arounds but sometimes it's simplest to be able to easily view where the side is being placed.  My recollection is that I was able to do that in earlier versions.

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I am at a loss for the way to phrase an effective search.  Thank you for the help - I have looked and looked and been unable to discover a setting to correct this.

No problem here in V21

Try un-checking "show object while dragging"
if it is un-checked > check it'

The same goes if in 3D selector mode see the dragging options.

This has been around for a long time. I guess they don't feel that's important to fix.

IMHO,, it makes "no sense" at all ;D
General Discussion / Re: Select issue
« Last post by John R on Today at 10:20:56 AM »
I tried your problem in Version 21 Deluxe and can confirm that you can't see anything when rescaling the rectangle with the Selection tool. I would try using the Edit Tool. You can see the segments as they're being moved with that tool.

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