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Title: CNC Simulator
Post by: Kenneth Martin on March 27, 2014, 08:48:35 AM
TurboCAD/CAM has a simulator, but it is limited. Guys, try this out for size, it will simulate the entire program, from start to finish.
Title: Re: CNC Simulator
Post by: wd on May 25, 2015, 04:29:37 AM
im open for suggestions if you have another choice to choose form with regards of another simulator.

Title: Re: CNC Simulator
Post by: Kenneth Martin on May 28, 2015, 05:13:13 AM
WD, did you try the simulator I provided in the link. I use it after every program I write with TCC. After I save the text file, I open it up in notepad & save it again as a ".nc" file. Cut Viewer does not read standard text files.
Title: Re: CNC Simulator
Post by: wd on May 28, 2015, 07:55:49 AM

Yes I did change the format to nc.I down loaded both Lathe & Mill worked with the mill mostly however it was very time consuming to work with simple as it appears.For instance it would go through the simulation so fast it was done before I had chance to view its process, the tool data base needs help it missing common tools that is used industries such as ,face milling cutters, counter-bores, reamers,etc. I did some little work arounds for those specific tools.

It would assign its own stock size rather than what was actually made in TCC.When tried to load my own intergers it refuse to corporate.It didn't recognize TCC tools in the program.I had load them manually my self this very time consuming when you have 20 or more tools.On some programs it would change the work plane.If my UCS is on the top surface of said block it would put the UCS on bottom surface of the block causing simulation to be different in what done in TCC. the program only has few post processors to use couple fanucs and another,

My goal would be that  just load TCC G-Code in it and let it run its course but with all the time to make it work I gave up on it.I would need more than 30 day trial to work both of them and make a more of a concise list of changes and up grades to make perform better. Now when comes to lathe I didn't work with it to much but the simulation I did perform; it had a tool crash because it change the stock diameter I just loaded it in and let it run.

Now all programs I made in TCC. where proof out in TCC v3 (11.2). I used that inlay project as test program and it had its anomalies.Its good little program but it could be better.I did Google up cnc simulators but didn't find much that was suitable in fact what you recommend was a choice that follow up.It would not be my choice to cohabitation in TCC like they did with Redway.I got put the brakes on that before someone gets any brain storming ideas.All it would do is cause more issues it works fine on its own with said provide sample files.But I figure the developer sat for some time to make them conform. I unloaded both of them so the trial time frame is expired by now so I can't really give some more feed back on my process.I thought you would have another choice to choose from.If you do come up with one email me with a follow up.I'll take it for a spin.

Title: Re: CNC Simulator
Post by: Kenneth Martin on May 28, 2015, 09:18:33 AM
I will let you know of anything else. What I have done is set the tools in the database to match what I had loaded in my tool changer, though, when I load the program I have to select the tools, & put in my material size. I have a unique CAM template in TCC, as I have a 48 x 48 section of my router as I cut my change over parts from half sheets (48" x 48") x 3/4" hdpe, so I always set my material size to that, for every program bigger or smaller. Simplifies things for me, :-) You can slow down the speed of the simulation also, down to a crawl by adjusting the dwell settings under the setup menu. You can run 4 views at the same time. Now I don't save the programs to run on my machine, I just check for collisions, & to make sure I don't have any fixture offsets wrong. A really nice feature is you can take a measurement of the geometry after the program has run, it has saved me a few times.
Title: Re: CNC Simulator
Post by: Kenneth Martin on May 28, 2015, 09:24:42 AM
I really wish TCC had a simulator like this
Title: Re: CNC Simulator
Post by: wd on May 29, 2015, 07:24:37 AM
it would be simple fix but the creator of the plug-in could add a tool button to perform full simulation with the tools changing showing the full cycle all operations running in sequence and keep the existing simulation feature also to isolate the one operation at time is still useful.TCC is not bad little program and works well 11.2 and for the dollar value its well worth. Other cam programs are overprice but have more features to choose from. There are quite lot of them out there but choosing the right one for one needs should be closely look at a wrong choice could happen and buyers remorse could set in.Keep in mind if they did have the feature we both like and could use it would drive the cost up higher and could deter from being purchase from the end users.Example v.22 now you have to buy the plugin for light works.