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Material editor changes all objects in layer instead of just the one desired
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* July 03, 2017, 03:58:50 PM

I didn't realize that applying the same material to various objects (regardless of changes made) would apply to all objects using that material.
Somehow I thought that if for example I changed the color and then applied the same material to another object, the different objects would retain those distinct color attributes.   Not the case.   To resolve this I created a new material for the different objects....BOTH were Mostly Clear Glass material but I wanted different colors for different objects


I'm using the materials editor to change the properties of an object and for reasons I cannot understand, it changes ALL of the objects in that later to match.  When I RENDER them, they all go to the changes made to the one.

In this case I have 6 LED models, 3 are clear and 3 are red.    But whenever I change one of the red ones, those properties are instantly applied to all the other leds.  Which means I cannot have 3 red and 3 white because the instant I change one, they ALL change to the new settings.

Is there a setting to stop this behavior?

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July 17, 2017, 05:36:56 AM
Yes, this happens because you are changing the properties of that material from the database. The only workaround is to create a new material as you already did.